Dr. Emory Advising - HT 109

Please select a service to make a booking.

Public Health Course Advising - Scheduling

This is the most common type of appointment we see. Please select this type of appointment if you are in need of:
-PH Schedule Planning
-Advice on which PH Courses and Electives to take when
-General PH Scheduling questions/concerns
-Registration Prep

You can also check out our Advising Sheets at the top of our Curriculum webpage to help you prepare!

15 minutes

Career/Graduate School Advising + Letters of Recommendation

Getting ready for Graduate School or Pre-Professional Training? This is the right type of appointment for you!

Check out our resources for Grad School/Career Prep/Getting Awesome Letters of Recommendation before you meet with Dr. Em:

15 minutes

Academic Concerns (e.g. failing a class, considering dropping out, etc)

This is the right type of appointment for you if you are:
-Struggling with your courses
-Worried about about needing to drop out or take a leave of absence
-Failing a course (or two or three)

  • Interested in Course Repeat or Course Forgiveness

15 minutes

Personal/Life Concerns - Need Resources

Please select this type of appointment if you are in crisis or are going through a rough time and want to talk to Dr. Emory about it. She can help assist you for finding additional resources including, but not limitted to:
-DACA/Immigration Concerns
-Emergency funds
-Food/Housing assistance
-Crisis Prevention
-Physical Health Resources
-Mental Health Resources

While you are waiting for your appointment, check out our Additional Resources for SDSU Students at the bottom of this webpage:

*NOTE: If this is an EMERGENCY (e.g. you have been assaulted, you are in need of housing/food immediately, you are in danger, etc) please e-mail Dr. Emory at PHundergrad@sdsu.edu immediately and we can book an emergency appointment.

IMPORTANT! Please only include EMERGENCY or URGENT in the e-mail header if it is in fact a life- or well-being related emergency/life threatening.

15 minutes

Study Abroad Questions

We will try to assist you with this (feel free to book an appointment) BUT you will also need to meet with the CHHS Study Abroad Coordinator who does the approvals of all PH study abroad programs.

Check out the following before you book this type of appointment:

  1. SPH Study Abroad Information Page: https://publichealth.sdsu.edu/programs/bs-public-health/study-abroad/
  2. CHHS Study Abroad Coordinator:
    -email: CHHSINTL@sdsu.edu
    -website: https://chhs.sdsu.edu/international/

15 minutes

Just Want to Chat with Dr. Em

Could be about anything! I am here to help if I can!

15 minutes

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